Future Trade: A future trade is a contract allows the contract holder to lock in the "future" delivery of certain product/services at a specific price and quantity on a specific date.




If supplier wants to contract with a buyer to sell its product at the future date and accept the price & Quantity offered by buyer then supplier will book his order for the future date and can buy the raw material with confidence that the certain quantity will surely be sold at a certain price after hedging risk supplier can sell rest of his products/services on better offer or buy now prices on sawdagger.com


It also helps buyer to hedge their risk if he finds that the certain products/services prices might increase after certain time period then he can make a contract with the supplier on a certain price with certain quantity to pay on the specific date


There are different time periods for future trade on sawddager.com. Minimum 15 days and maximum 180 days


Note: Shipping and handling charges will always be added by supplier when buying process completes, normally supplier add the shipping charges while send the invoice. Buyer may ask about the shipping and handling charges prior going for future trade


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