Toys are generally manufactured for kids and pets to play with. Prehistoric toys date back in the 14th century which was dolls. The biggest toys store in the world is Toys 'R' us which has more than 1500 stores around the globe with a turnover $13.6 billion in USA. This clearly states the impact of toy industry on the world economy. In 2005 in USA, toys of $22.9 billion worth were sold. In USA, yearly around $221 million is spent on toys of children aged 8-12 years whereas 88% of toys sold in 2011 were for children between 0-11 years. China is the biggest exporter of toys and manufactures almost 80% toys of the world. The alternative hubs for manufacturing toys are Thailand, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Games and hobbies include tools for enjoyment and educational purpose. Games and hobbies have a history of 2600 BC in different cultures. The major game industry is for video games at present. The games and hobbies industry involve economic areas of manufacturing, marketing and selling. Game industry has a very big impact on world economy and has provided employment for people all over the world. According to ESA annual report, fake industry of USA in 2007, 2008 and 2010 had a turnover of $ 9.5, 11.7 and 25.1 billion. In game industries, $ 50,000-120,000 salary is given to develop new and unique games. Online distribution have aided in reduction of the cost. A video game 'Call of duty: Black Ops' had a sale of USD $650 million in mere five days! The worldwide market of video game alone in June 2011 was US$ 65 billion. The main manufactures of games and hobbies products are UK, China and Japan. it is an online unique global B2B and B2C marketplace and trading directory Which Toys, Games and Hobbies are you looking for? We have a wide range Toys, Games and Hobbies Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters, Distributers, Agents, and Forwarders. If you are Seller post your products if you are buyer, buy Products at excellent price. Sawdagger having excellent buying and Selling features like Buy now, make offer (bidding), fixed price and future trade (a concept of Commodity exchange). We have a broad range on Baby Toys, Classic Toys, Educational Toys, Outdoor Toys & Structures, Pretend Play & Preschool, Toy Animal, Toy Vehicle, Radio Control Toys, Stuffed & Plush Toy Animal, Inflatable Bouncer, Spinning Top, Learning Machine, Spinning Top, and many Other Sports & entertainment products. This is widely imported and exported to USA, UK, China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and European Union.
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