customzied optical components
customzied optical components
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Brief Description :ICC Company certificates: ISO9001:2015, D&B:53-09-098-3523&SGS:QIP-AS1166146 . Main business scope: crystal material, optical components polishing and optical coating service.Quality documents: Material melt-data, ROHS&MSDS, COC, test report, coating doc.
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CaF2 is transparent in the ultraviolet to infrared (180 nm - 8.0 m) wavelength range. It has a refractive index of 1.428 m and high mechanical and environmental stability. CaF2 is very suitable for applications requiring low damage threshold, low fluorescence and high uniformity. It is often used in Excimer lasers, spectrometers and cooling and thermal imaging.

UV-grade calcium fluoride with low absorption and high transmittance

It is very suitable for applications between 200nm and 7um.

Low refractive index

Calcium fluoride has excellent transmittance between 200 nm and 7 um, so it is widely used in spectroscopic prism window and lens products. Because of its low absorption and high damage threshold, it has become an ideal choice for excimer laser optics. The low refractive index of calcium fluoride also enables it to be used without antireflective coating. The Knoop hardness of calcium fluoride is 158.3. TECHSPEC < CaF2) window sheets are made of vacuum UV-grade calcium fluoride and are often used in low-temperature thermal imaging systems.

Optical crystal material-supply various shapes of specifications blankCAF2: wavelength 193/248/308/400-8000nm; <111>, <100>, <110>; Size D3-300MMMGF2: wavelength 121/157/193/248nm; <001>,<100>, <110>; Size D3-200MMBAF2: wavelength 0.18-14.0um; <111>, <100>; Size D3-180MMSilicon: optical/mirror/semiconductor grade;<100> <111>; Size D3-350MMLiF: VUV grade; <100> <110>; Size D3-160M

Optics fabrication-- glass and crystal material; Classic/high speed/double sides /CNC/ZYGO machines.Optical flat window: circle/square; steps/drilled; Size D3-350MM; S/D 10-5& 1/10L@633nm Spherical lens: single lens, achromatic doublet lens, Hemispherical /dome lens;S/D 20-10& 1/8L@633nm Optical prism: wedge prism, triple prism, ATR prism;S/D 40-20& 1/4L@633nmAspherical: CNC and diamond turning machines, Ge/Si/optical fluoride/ glass etc Wechat:b99440:+8615603394723

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